Automatic urea/def nozzle

Urea/DEF Pump

Urea/DEF IBC pump kit

K24 flow meter

About us

Wenzhou Lungbor technology Co。,Ltd is one of the leading DEF solution products manufacturer in China。Our main products range from DEF pump,DEF nozzle,stainless steel barrel pump,fuel transfer pump and etc。

Lungbor has pioneered technology and equipment for a wide variety of fluid solution.And we offer a full line of def pump,nozzle,def system and other urea solution products.We also provide specific products for oil and chemicals.

Our high quality products are designed,engineered and tested to exacting standards before being introduced to consumer。Most of our products provide a 12 months warranty。

It's our pleasure to provide you with quality and excellent products and service.And we are honor to make a business with you!

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